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Project M Asia brings to you a pioneering mobile investment opportunity, offering you a chance to own a lurcrative franchise business by being a part of this internationally ground-breaking investment concept. Project M Studio has received international accreditation for being nominated for 4 prestigious awards at the 2016 TIGA Games Industry Award. 
  • Most Original Game
  • Best Startup Winners
  • Best Small Independent Studio
  • Best Technical Innovation
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The mobile games market has risen to become the world’s biggest entertainment channel, currently holding a global worth of about $93 billion.

In Singapore, the total game revenue in 2016 totaled up to US$201.6 million and 85% of the game industry’s surge is expected to rise from Asia. Hence to ride this massive market growth and capture remunerative business investment returns, it’s the very first time a mobile game franchise opportunity is brought here to Singapore for keen individuals.

The launch of this new game has already caused a market frenzy in the UK and increasingly surging in popularity in the international gaming world.

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Team at Project M Studio

Brainchild and founder of project M, Sean McNicholas had an idea for a game studio working on a revolutionary project that has take the mobile game market by storm today.