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Project M Asia brings to you a pioneering mobile investment opportunity, offering you a chance to own a lucrative franchise business by being a part of this internationally ground-breaking investment concept. Project M Studio has received international accreditation for being nominated for 4 prestigious awards at the 2016 TIGA Games Industry Award. 
  • Most Original Game
  • Best Startup Winners
  • Best Small Independent Studio
  • Best Technical Innovation
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The mobile games market has risen to become the world’s biggest entertainment channel, currently holding a global worth of about US$70.3Bn, an increase of 13.3% on 2017.

The mobile gaming market is expected to account for more than 50% of the global gaming market with its value being a $100Bn market by 2021.

This world’s first mobile gaming franchise allows keen individuals to become part of this fast growing market and capitalize on the unprecedented surge in popularity mobile gaming is going through.

The soft launch of the game in the UK and the franchise opportunity has already caused a market frenzy. Since then, the game has gone from strength to strength, having soft launched in over 18 countries, the game is already outperforming industry benchmarks. And the global launch is imminent.

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Team at Project M Studio

Brainchild and founder of project M, Sean McNicholas had an idea for a game studio working on a revolutionary project that has taken the mobile game market by storm today.